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Today, every company strives to improve its customer experience (CX). It is a challenging task regardless of the industry you operate in. As new technologies have emerged and consumer expectations changed, the concept of CX has been evolving into something new. As a result, it is hard to pinpoint what CX means today. Also, companies often do not have the resources to make CX improvements on their own, so the question of what customer experience services can bring to the table becomes important as well.

We prepared a comprehensive guide for you that answers these and more questions, providing real-life examples along the way. The guide will cover the following:

What Does Customer Experience Mean Today?
Why Customer Experience is More Important Than Ever
Types of Customer Experience Services:
Full customer services experience development
Enterprise UX services
Customer mobile experience services
Stand-alone solution for specific touchpoint
UX & UI design services
Can UI & UX design and development services involve the latest technologies?
Customer experience examples in services of top brands
F. A. Q.
Let’s start.

What Does Customer Experience Mean Today?
Customer experience is how an organization interacts with its clients over the course of their relationship, online and offline. Every CX is comprised of touchpoints — moments when a company interacts with a customer. A touchpoint is any type of interaction with a client, whether it is answering a question at a store, a call to confirm delivery details, cash desk service, or an outdoor ad.

As customers demand more from companies in every industry, the concept of customer experience has expanded beyond commerce. Companies like Google build their campuses approaching employees like retail stores approach customers, that is, aiming at high retention and satisfaction rates.

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Where a retail chain would put up a sale, a tech company company offers its employees entertainment, recreation zones, and other bonuses. In this case, customer experience bears the name “employee experience.” Governmental organizations adapt as well, digitalizing and simplifying governmental services for citizens. As a result, more and more subtypes of CX emerge in different industries, indicating that both commercial and other types of organizations give more attention to catering to their customers than ever before — terms like hotel/guest experience, patient experience, event experience, are now the new normal.

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